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How often does my crane need to be inspected?

Ontario OHSA requires an Annual Inspection (once a year).

Is Crane Safety Training mandatory in Ontario?

Yes it is a requirement of OHSA that all workers be trained in Crane Safety.

I have never had my crane inspected and I have never been bothered by any of the authorities such as the MOL. Why start now?

It is good business to have your overhead lifting device inspected on an annual basis. With proper inspection of your crane on an annual basis, the chances of mechanical failure are minimized and even operator error is reduced because we make sure that all of the failsafe devices are in good repair and proper working order.

I had my Zoom Boom inspected last year – the inspection report says it is for a fork lift. What’s up with that?

Many Forklift Service providers think that they can inspect a scissor lift – when they really are not qualified. Often times the reports tell the story. The MOL endorses our inspection methods. This means that you went out and hired experience for inspection of your Zoom Boom or Scissor Lift.

I had an NDT company come in and inspect my Crane. They did a very poor job – painted the boom with White Permanent Paint or something. What just happened?

NDT Specific companies just want to test your steel work and ignore the rest of the crane. Many of these “kids” are right out of school and are not skilled at this task. Crane Tech has alternative methods. Our experience and even some thoughtful conversation and tips will advise you how to save money with the maintenance of your crane – much of it that can be done in house!

What happens when the MOL (Ministry of Labour) comes into my business and looks at our cranes?

The MOL is looking to see that your crane has been inspected – to what standard and if all the applicable procedures have been followed. When they see our logo, and you show them our inspection reports, they are sure that you are safe and that you have been diligent with regard to safety.

Does having your Car Hoist Inspected on an annual basis qualify my company for WSIB rate discounts?

Yes. Often times this is what the WSIB needs to see in order to keep your rates in the lowest category possible.

Is fleet service available? (multiple cranes at once).

Yes. We do inspect several fleets – it is the most cost effective method of inspecting a fleet of vehicles for Annual Inspections.

What are the biggest issues that you catch when inspecting boom trucks?

We have caught some big “splits” in booms that operators missed. Many of these boom cracks would have caused catastrophic failure if not repaired.

What is an “Anti 2 Block” device?

“Anti 2 Blocks” are alarms as well as “kick out” features that prevent the operator of a mobile crane from “ingesting” the load block into the structure of the boom.

Are “Anti 2 Block” devices mandatory?

Yes – many of our competitors will sign off on the inspection of a crane based on that they deem the steel work to have “passed” inspection. We make sure that the Anti 2 Block not only is part of the operations of the crane – but that it works as well.

We are a company that has several pieces of lifting equipment with no load ratings – probably built by fab shop maintenance. Should we continue to use them?

No. Lifting devices must be designed and checked by an Engineer. We have experience in qualifying and certifying lifting equipment. Please contact us and we will have a technician look over the equipment. Our Engineer will review the strength to make sure that this piece of equipment is safe for your workers to use – with all applicable standards met and the worker safety well in mind.

Do you inspect Aerial Lifting Devices?

Yes. We do Annual Inspections of Aerial Lifting devices such as Scissor Lifts and “Zoom Booms”.

What’s the deal with “10 Year” structural inspections?

10 Year Structural Inspections are inspections on both cranes and aerial lifting devices where booms, pins, cages are checked using Non Destructive Testing Methods. Crane Tech does these types of inspections on your site.

My overhead crane is inspected every year by the company that installed it. Is it necessary to have them do the Annual Inspection?

No. It is not mandatory to have the installer inspect the crane. Crane Tech is competitive with pricing on Annual Inspections and often wins the business away from competitors as an excellent third party inspection service.

We are a foundry in Ontario that produces castings. We need different sized molding boxes. Why use you instead of other manufacturers?

Our Mold Boxes are built to customer specifications and Molding Technique is studied in order to simplify the process. This is why we have had success in winning business from the Kubota Materials Corporation in Orillia – we are always engaged in what the craftsman wants in order to make the job turn out better.

Do you train crane operators – such as Drywall Crane Truck Operators?

Yes – we provide Crane Safety Training to operators from 0-8 Ton for many types of applications – from Concrete Form Trucks to Block Trucks to Palfingers and Hiab Cranes of all sorts – Crane Tech looks after all of these types of training.

Do you train Crane Operators – Overhead Crane Training?

Yes – we train Crane Operators for Overheads, Jib Cranes, Monorails and Gantries. For those who require training for task specific projects, we provide training that is specialized – speeding up the process – and minimizing the time that is required to train for simplified situations.